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Fire Risk Assessments


"A fire risk assessment document is designed to identify and highlight areas that could lead to fire. Measures can then be taken to eliminate or reduce fire risks to a practicable level."


Under the new Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, the role of the “Responsible Person” has never been so critical. This person is now responsible for the provision of general fire precautions, provision of fire risk assessment and emergency planning of fire prevention and mitigation strategies.

With so much to consider it is hardly surprising that only 1 in 10 managers, property owners and managing agents are fully aware of what is required of them by Law. With this in mind, we can provide you with expert advice on these matters based on our  record of accomplishment in the field of risk assessment.

   You will receive a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment that will ensure that in your role as responsible person you will:

  • Meet the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order requirements in full
  • Recognise the requirements of fire safety measures needed in the building you are responsible for
  • Have a good understanding of the Fire Risk Assessment process
  • Know what emergency procedures are required and how to implement them
  • Know what staff training programmes are required
  • Be confident and knowledgeable when liaising with Fire Service personnel





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