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All large fires started as small fires, therefore training your people to identify hazards or deal with any outbreak of fire can reduce the impact fire could have on your organisation.

As with all our services FMS aims to be the best. To attain this in our fire training we use one of our fire training simulators.


Both our training simulators are trailer based so we simply tow them to your premises and into a convenient space this could be a car park etc. They use propane gas as a fire source which gives a real fire but at all times is totally under control by the trainer who operates the fires by a remote control hand set.


Our first simulator has several office and industrial fire scenarios, a waste paper bin fire, a frying pan fire, an electrical fire and a spill fire.



The second  fire simulator which we had specially built is based on a car body shell and is for use by the emergency services and the motor vehicle industry. Like our other simulator it has several scenarios of the most common fires that occur. A dashboard fire, a fuel rail fire and an engine bay fire. 

We believe the unique fire fighting experience gained with these simulators is invaluable in both the safety of your staff and that of your business.

As with company policy our training staff have been professionally trained to the highest standards.


All our fire training courses can be customised to suit the individual needs of the customer .


We have personally been on training courses which we believe have fallen far below the expectations of the customer. In order to make our fire training unique, all we require is a room of a suitable size and we will do the rest.

We arrive fully equipped with a laptop, projector and screen, dvd player, speakers and indoor demonstration equipment.






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